Our studio excels in high quality:

-monumental religious mural work in fresco, oil, tempera and acrylic       
-exterior and interior religious mosaics
-traditional religious painted glass and stained glass
-restoration of historic monuments in oil, fresco, tempera, mosaic
stained glass and painted glass.
-restoration of old wood icons
-art destined for private settings

With four generations of continuous artistic and architectural tradition,
with years of experience behind us, with dedication and passion, we
strongly believe that mankind was created to be creative.

This belief inspired us to create religious art for different denominations
around the world on a surface of over 250,000 sq.ft. (23,500 sq. m) for 25
Churches and Cathedrals and diverse collections, in countries including,
The United States, Romania, Hungary, Italy, Sweden, Russia, Germany,
Austria, India, Spain, Australia, Canada and Greece.

Our studies include degrees in religious art, historic restoration, and

Cristian Studio Inc.
Cristian Samoila, Cristina Samoila, Luca Samoila